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Thought Provoking, Informative and ALWAYS Fun.

Graham Howie On Heartland FM

Graham's radio career began in sunny Spain when he agreed to help a friend on a small pirate station.

The bait was set and Graham was hooked, realising that this radio malarkey was actually good fun, and possibly a home for his quirky humour. Unfortunately, the audience seemed to agree and somewhat enthused The Hunky Howard Radio Show with Mr H was launched.

Against the odds, Graham was pinched to take a late slot with Kiss FM and laterally Splash FM. Sponsored by Carrier Air Conditioning under the banner "Keep yourself nice and cool with Mr H".

Forever the maverick, handsome devil, fashion leader, frequently getting in trouble and, at times, more than a bit out there, Mr H proved a quirky hit. A foolish producer hearing the show on holiday decided to syndicate it to mainland Spain, making it the most listened to English show on mainland Spain after the news!

Bored of the sun and beach life ( really what was he thinking?) Graham decided to return to cooler times and joined Heartland FM. The rest as they say is history and you can catch him live on weekdays from 6 am to 10 am at heartlandfm.scot

"Keeping it real and on the button."

hunky howard

Recent Interview with Amy Macdonald

Back in 2006, she became a worldwide star when she released her debut album This Is The Life. Fifteen years later, she remains one of the biggest Scottish singer-songwriters in the music industry.

Graham Howie speaks to Amy Macdonald on the Heartland FM Breakfast Show to chat about her latest album, The Human Demands, and how she handled fame since the release of This Is The Life 15 years ago.